Artist Scooter LaForge creates raw, colorful and sexualized paintings.

In this short documentary film, we sit down with artist Scooter LaForge in his New York City studio. Scooter is known for painting on anything and for the raw spontaneity of his work. We discuss the childlike life of an artist and his collaboration with Walter Van Beirendonck.

This interview with Scooter LaForge embraces spontaneity. It’s a necessity. His subject matter and techniques emerge from his childlike impulses. His chromatic canvass reference cartoons, renaissance art, and some shockingly agile sex acts. This unique style evolved through years of experience and his willingness to “let paint be paint”.

Scooter’s chaotic style has earned him exhibitions at the Leslie-Lohman Museum in New York, the Friedrichshof Museum in Vienna, and the Spritmuseum/Absolut Art Collection in Sweden. His solo show, How to Create a Monsterpiece, at Howl! Happening in New York was included on Autre’s list of top ten exhibits of 2015.

Scooter has collaborated with famed “Antwerp 6” designer Walter Van Beirendonck and maintains an ongoing collection of one-of-a-kind painted garments at Patricia Field’s ART FASHION gallery in the Lower East Side.

In this micro-doc, we visit Scooter LaForge in his Tribeca studio. We ask about his childhood, his collaborations and if there is anything he wouldn’t paint.


Secret Box (Original SpongeBob dubstep remix) by Zanzlanz

Portrait of Walter Van Beirendonck by Celine Clanet

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Roderick Angle is a photographer and filmmaker based in New York City.

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