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Tattoo artist Gene Coffey on creativity, originality, and addiction

Gene Coffey comes clean about his struggle to establish a creative practice that satisfies both his artistic compulsions and his financial needs. In this micro-doc, we visit Gene’s Long Island City studio for a frank discussion about his unique watercolor tattoo style, the perils of addiction, and what it means to be an artist.

Ana Wieder Blank

I first encountered Ana Weider-Blank’s work at Honey Ramka gallery in Bushwick, NY. I stumbled in, drawn by her vibrant mythological portraits.

Erik Foss

I’m back in my old neighborhood with stale memories stirring in my head. I trudge up a five-story walk-up on Houston and Suffolk on the Lower East Side of Manhattan.

Maria Liebana

Maria crouches on her knees amid a tight grouping of brightly colored canvases. The walls around her explode with rainbows, pop culture references and glitter.

Portrait of J. Morgan Puett by Roderick Angle

J. Morgan Puett

I’ve parked along a dirt road deep in the woods of northeastern Pennsylvania. I’m only about 150 miles from New York City, but I’m a world away.

Portrait of Megan O'Connell by Roderick Angle

Megan O’Connell

I pull into Detroit’s Eastern Market after a long drive from New York. The hot summer sun bounces through the cobblestone streets that distinguish the neighborhood.

Portrait of Rebecca Purcell by Roderick Angle

Rebecca Purcell

It’s a dry winter morning in the far reaches of upper Manhattan. The pulse of the city slows as the temperature drops, and a patina of salt and frost dulls the hues of the streetscape.